Welcome to Rock Climbing 101: A beginners guide. In this series I will run through the basics of rock climbing giving you a better understanding of the skills, technique and equipment used while rock climbing in an outdoor environment.


The first section is “Gear Explained”. I run through all the standard equipment used when rock climbing. 

The second section will be a “How To” section and we will look at the basics for placing protection, belaying ,how to get started climbing in the outdoors and more.


If you are a complete novice and don’t know anything about climbing then recommend that you read the following two articles:

  1. The basics of trad climbing. 
  2. Types of climbing

I have laid all articles out in a simplistic manner so you can can skip ahead if needed.

Disclaimer: Rock climbing is an inherently dangerous sport. Although you can learn alot from these tutorials and videos they are no replacement for learning in an outdoor environment and from an experienced climber or a qualified rock climbing instructor.

How To:

  1. How to tie In with a figure-8 knot
  2. How to Belay
  3. How to place protection
  4. Climbing calls
  5. How to start climbing outdoors
  6. What do I need to start climbing?

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