Top Hiking Gifts 2023

As the festive season approaches, it’s time to think beyond the ordinary stocking stuffers and surprise your hiking buddies with hiking gifts that they’ll love. Whether they’re seasoned trailblazers or weekend wanderers, our list is packed with the most practical … Read More

The G20 Hiking Guide: Europe’s Toughest Trail

The G20, Europes’s Toughest Trail! The G20 Corsica, also known as the Grande Randonnée 20, has been long known as Europe’s toughest trail. It stands as a formidable challenge for avid hikers seeking an immersive adventure and looking to push … Read More

Top Hiking Apps

The Best Hiking Apps In 2024

Disclaimer: Do not rely on your phone or apps to keep you safe. Technology is no replacement for understanding how to use a map or compass. In cold weather, a phone battery can instantly drain. Having an insulation pouch for … Read More

How To Start Rock Climbing in 2024

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Beginners Climbing: Ropes


As with everything in rock climbing there is no one set standard, and the same applies for ropes. There are ropes with fancy names, fancy colours and fancy coating, but what do they all do? As with the rest of … Read More