hiking Lugnaquilla

Lugnaquilla: The Ultimate Hiking Guide

Time: 7 hours Distance: 12.5km / 14km Difficulty: Difficult Elevation: 900m Height Difficulty: Difficult Trail: Out-and-back or loop Waymarked: No Starting Point: See below All Trails Map: Click Here Lugnaquilla, Wicklow’s highest mountain! The aim of this guide is to give you all … Read More

Hiking Coumshingaun

Coumshingaun: The Ultimate Hiking Guide

Time: 4.5 hours Elevation: 630 m Difficulty: Difficult Trail: Clockwise Waymarked: No Starting Point: See below Map: Click Here Coumshingaun, Europe’s finest corrie lake! Coumshingaun is one of Ireland’s most stunning landmarks. It’s 400 metre back wall, towering over the mountain lake, will … Read More

Top Hiking Apps

The Best Hiking Apps In 2022

Disclaimer: Do not rely on your phone or apps to keep you safe. Technology is no replacement for understanding how to use a map or compass. In cold weather, a phone battery can instantly drain. Having an insulation pouch for … Read More

Hiking in Ireland

Winter Hiking in Ireland: 5 Top Tips

As our good friends from King’s Landing would say, “Winter is coming”, and while the Irish mountains doesn’t consist of White Walkers, it does present some other challenges. The risk of accidents and getting lost in the Irish Mountains greatly … Read More

Rock Climbing Dublin

How To Start Rock Climbing in Ireland

So you want to start rock climbing and don’t know where to begin? In this article I will give you the information you need to get started rock climbing. Book a course Join an online group Join a club Join … Read More

Beginners Climbing: Ropes


As with everything in rock climbing there is no one set standard, and the same applies for ropes. There are ropes with fancy names, fancy colours and fancy coating, but what do they all do? As with the rest of … Read More