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Mountain Leader Assessment: 6 Tips To Help You Pass

6 Tips To Pass Your Mountain Leader Assessment One of the first major milestones for someone starting their career in the mountains is earning the Mountain Leader award. The award is designed to train and assess individuals in the skills … Read More

How To Belay

How To Belay

The belayer controls the rope for the lead climber. They feed out rope as the lead continues, take in when needed and stop any rope from feeding when the lead climber falls. Disclaimer: Rock climbing is an inherently dangerous sport. … Read More


How to Tie In With A figure-8 Knot

There is no knot you will tie more than the figure-8 when starting off climbing. The figure-8 knot is used in all aspects of rock climbing from tying into your harness to building your anchors. Tying into your harness When … Read More