Beginner Climbing

Climbing Gear

Rock Climbing Gear: What To Buy?

I’m often asked what equipment do I need to get started climbing outdoors and how much will it cost? Below I have detailed all the gear needed for you to get out and leading at your local crag.  I have … Read More

How To Belay

How To Belay

The belayer controls the rope for the lead climber. They feed out rope as the lead continues, take in when needed and stop any rope from feeding when the lead climber falls. Disclaimer: Rock climbing is an inherently dangerous sport. … Read More

What is a Belay Device?

A belay device is a friction based device that allows the belayer control over the rope. The belay is a small and modest looking device but it is essential. The belay allows the belayer to give out rope, take in … Read More

Beginners Climbing: Ropes


As with everything in rock climbing there is no one set standard, and the same applies for ropes. There are ropes with fancy names, fancy colours and fancy coating, but what do they all do? As with the rest of … Read More

Climbing Protection: Nuts And Cams

There are two types of protection used in climbing: Passive protection: Gear without moving parts. Active protection: Gear with moving parts. Passive Protection Nuts Nuts come in a range of sizes and most nuts are colour coded for quick identification. … Read More


How to Tie In With A figure-8 Knot

There is no knot you will tie more than the figure-8 when starting off climbing. The figure-8 knot is used in all aspects of rock climbing from tying into your harness to building your anchors. Tying into your harness When … Read More


Carabiners come in a range of weights and sizes and some designed for their own specific purpose. Carabiners are used for all sorts of reasons from clipping to anchors to securing your belay plate to your harness. Parts Of A … Read More

Helmets Explained

Not wanting to look like a mad man who lost his bike isn’t the only reason that we climb with climbing specific helmets. Climbing helmets are actually designed differently to other helmets. Types of helmets Hard shell: These are the … Read More

How to Fit a Climbing Harness!

Harness Waist belt: Waist belt that fits above your waist to secure harness Tie in loops: Two points that you tie your rope through. Belay loop: Loop at front of harness. Do not tie in here !!! Gear loops: Loops … Read More

Rock Climbing in Dublin

Types Of Rock Climbing

Types Of rock climbing Before we begin, it is important that you understand that rock climbing isn’t just one thing. At its most simplistic form climbing is getting from point A to point B while off the ground, but there … Read More